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H.E.Mr. Emilio Miguel De Carvalho Sobrinho
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Alcino dos Prazeres Isata Francisco da Conceicao, the Ambassador of the Republic of Angola in the Republic of Serbia, and non-resident in three Balkan countries, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Romania, presents his credentials to the following Presidents of the Republic of the countries under the Jurisdiction of this Diplomatic Mission:

Montenegro – 19.07.2021

Serbia – 16.09.2020

Brief information on the succession of the Ambassadors of the Republic of Angola in Serbia

Two years after proclamation of the National Independence, namely in the year 1977, is recorded the first Angolan Ambassador accredited by the Government of ex Yugoslavia.

H. E. Mr João Filipe Martins
9.11.1977 – 1981

Since that time, diplomatic relations between two countries have never been interrupted, even after disintegration of Yugoslavia, the Republic of Serbia has inherited these relationships and thus verified the succession of Chiefs of Diplomatic Mission in the following order:

E. Mr Francisco Romão de Oliveira e Silva
20.10.1981 – 1987

H. E. Mr Manuel Bernardo de Sousa
14.09.1987 – 1989

E. Mr Evaristo Domingos “KIMBA”
22.06.1989 – 1998

E. Mr Gen. Filipe Felisberto Monimambo
26.11.1998 – 2007

E. Mr Toko Diakenga Serão
12.06.2009 – 05.10.2014

E. Mr. José João MANUEL
18.11.2014 – 25.07.2017

H.E.Mr. Emílio José de CARVALHO GUERRA
24.10.2017 –  19.03.2020

H.E.Mr. Alcino Izata da Conceição
09.2020 – 06.2020

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